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He was so proud of His creation. All of heaven echoed with the voice of an extremely happy Father. With a beaming smile, He would proudly speak of him.

“This is my creation. My son! I formed him with my own two hands.”

“Have you heard him speak? He says the smartest things.”

“He thinks just like me! The other day, I asked him to name the animals and he called them exactly what I would have wanted to name them.”    

“My daughter is such a stunning beauty! There is no other suitable enough for her but my son”

“I see in them a love that bubbles inside of me. They finally get me. I am Love.”

“O, I can’t wait till I go back to see them again. We have the best time just walking in the garden.”

Every day they walked together with Him. They shared their heart with each other. There was no obstacle or veil between them. There was an unadulterated transparency and dependence on Him. They had everything that they needed in that garden for their sustenance. Moreover, they had the One who created them so lovingly and provided all they needed to live.

Broken-heart-broken-hearts-6853604-947-872Then on that day, that all of mankind will never forget, sin came knocking on the door of their hearts. They were unsure at first but they gave in to a foolish desire and lost everything that was of great consequence. In a moment, all the trust was broken. Lies crept into their relationship with Him. The perfect likeness of Him that they possessed was tarnished by their error. Not only was their relationship with Him affected, they also found it hard to trust each other. After all, it was because of one’s mistake that the other sinned as well. And suddenly, it seemed like their beautiful tale was headed for a tragic end. A perfect love relationship ended in a painful break-up!

But theirs was a love story worth dying for.

So when the time was right, He stripped Himself of His glory, left it all in heaven and came down to earth and lived among men. He began to work His way slowly to that day when He would make a way to restore that relationship which was lost, once and for all. Every day, with everyone He met, He would share a glimpse of Love who was still waiting for them to return to Him. He lived a life that showed them that nothing was impossible if they had Him with them. They could walk on water, calm storms and even call out the dead because He said they would be able to! He cared for them, healed them, dined with them; He constantly kept speaking words of Love over them. And then after doing all that He could, as an ultimate act of love, He gave up His life just so that they would be reconciled to Him; to God their Creator and Father.

He turned the biggest break-up into the biggest patch-up of all time! In fact, He did more than just patch-up, He restored everything to as it was back then. And today He is calling each and every one of you to come and enjoy that relationship that He desired to have with man, just like in the Garden at the beginning of time.

There is no greater love than that of the One who created you for love! (Click to Tweet) Just as my Jesus did, I want to invite you to know Him better. You don’t have to experience paradise only once you make it to heaven; you can live it here on earth and all the way into eternity.

If you think that your life and your relationship with the Father looks nothing like what it was in the Garden, don’t give up yet! It takes a process of undoing and unlearning a lot of things that have come in the way of true intimacy with Him. It may take time but it is going to be worth it! Our love story is being written every single day.

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