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A while ago we used to have tenants living in the other house that we owned. We had rented it out to a family of a visually impaired mom and dad and their two children. Every month, my dad would go to collect the rent and as soon as he was there, they would know it was him even before he said anything. One day, very impressed, my dad said, “How do you do this?” The man did not have an answer. And my dad expressed his awe thinking it was a very cool thing that they could do. In response, the blind man said, “It may be cool but all we see is darkness”.

Yes, blind people see. Not what we can, but they do see. When we look around, we see all the colours. What they see is a shroud of blackness. We see people talking and cars approaching. But they can only hear the voices of people and the noise of vehicles in the face of darkness. All they see is nothing but darkness. Ever tried walking on a road without street lights at night, where you are petrified of taking another step because of the absence of light? For them, it is the only reality.

Being blind renders them inactive even at times when they really want to get something done. Because of this lack of activity, there comes an inability to work which leads to a bigger problem. Soon, they get used to the darkness. Life passes them by. Everything remains status quo. Nothing changes. They start to believe that there is just this much to life and become oblivious to the bright world which exists beyond their inability to see.

Very often as Christians having had an encounter with Jesus, we still live a life of blindness. We have our eyes shut because we haven’t given away the crutches that we have leaned on all our lives. We believe that there will never be anything better than this. Before we know it, we have become complacent. We are satisfied with our lives because we have learned to move around from one thing to another methodically with our eyes closed.

We become what we see. When all we are looking at is darkness, our lives will soon start to resemble that empty void that we have so diligently been concentrating on. But things can be different.


Let me introduce to you this fascinating individual most of us have read about. There was this blind man who begged on the side of the dusty road named Bartimaeus. All he had was darkness. All he had known was darkness but he was not satisfied with the way things were. Even though it fed him when he was hungry, he was not happy with the alms he earned daily. He wanted things to change. He wanted things to be different. He wanted to be set free from this life that he was living. What amazes me about this individual was that even though he was physically blind, that did not stop him from seeing his bright and coming future. He did not let his impairment make little of his other abilities.

He heard Jesus. He ran to him, pushing aside every obstacle that came in his way. He found himself at the feet of Jesus asking for a tomorrow that he could behold. Jesus healed him and suddenly, all the darkness faded away. He found himself looking into the face of the one who had touched him and changed his life to never be the same again.

You cannot be captured by and continue to live in darkness after an encounter with Jesus (Click to Tweet)

Today, if you are surrounded by whatever circumstance that is keeping you from experiencing the wholeness of the life that God has destined for you, I urge you I provoke you to run to Him. Irrespective of whatever is stopping you, throw off your cloak and let go of your crutches and run to Him. Find yourself at His feet. He will definitely turn your life upside down. Things will not be where they were like earlier. You will have to keep your eyes open to get from one place to another but the beauty of it is that all you have to do is keep your eyes on Him. Gaze into the face of the one who loves you more than you would ever know.

What is it that you are fighting today? Share with us and give us the privilege of praying with you through your situation. Jesus loves you and is waiting for you to come to Him. God bless!