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After a long day’s work at our company’s regional office, I walked back to my hotel room which was right across Cathedral road, Alwarpet in Chennai. It was about 9:00, at night and I was completely exhausted. I had thought to myself that I would have dinner and hit the bed. I went to the restaurant and had dinner with my boss while discussing work and some amount of cricket.

After a short walk post-dinner, we called it a day. Walking back to my room, I was thinking of all that I had to do the next day. I tried going to sleep but for some reason, I just could not. I decided to step out of my room and I began walking in one direction, not knowing why or where I was headed. I had walked a considerable distance when I looked at my watch and saw that it was 11:00 and here I was, walking the streets of Chennai. Unlike Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, most of the shops around here were closed and there were barely a handful of people that were still out.

I kept walking a little further and saw a woman sitting on the footpath of a lonely corner; I ignored her and went further. After a while, I turned and started walking back to the hotel and I saw the woman still sitting alone on the road. As I passed by her what caught attention was that she did not look like a beggar and I wondered why a woman would sit on the road all alone at around 11:30pm? I kept walking, not knowing what to do and what to ask mainly because I did not know the local language, Tamil.

All of a sudden, this strong voice said, “Go talk to her”. With a lot of hesitation, I walked back and not really knowing what to say, I just stood next to her. Her eyes looked up at me with expectation. I don’t know why I spoke to her in my mother tongue, Telugu but guess what, she responded with a nod. I sat by her and asked her what she was doing there at that time. What she told me next gave me an answer to the question as to why I could not go to sleep earlier in my hotel room.

She had come to Chennai from Andhra Pradesh in search of a job almost a week ago, leaving her 2 daughters behind. And this far, she had not found any. She had been living on that street corner for the past 7 days and had no food to eat. She was ashamed to ask for money cause that’s not what she came to Chennai for. She said that she wanted to go back home to her daughters but didn’t have enough money. I didn’t know what say and all I could say was,”God loves You”. Her eyes lit up as I shared the Lord Jesus and His Love with her sitting beside her. It was midnight by now. I asked her if she would accept Jesus as her Lord and Saviour and she replied saying yes. Leading her to the Lord was the greatest joy I had ever experienced in my life. She got saved.

I handed her some money that I had and bid her farewell, asking her to walk with the Lord for the rest of her days and she agreed. As I walked back, it started raining as though tears of joy from heaven upon salvation of a soul. While I was leaving from Mumbai, I had thought that it would just be work all four days but that night I knew, I had gone to Chennai just to see this lady getting saved.

God makes no mistake when he places you in a certain place, at a certain time. We might not understand but he is working on a bigger canvas than we can ever imagine. Next time, you find yourself in such a place, just remember, you might be destined to meet a lady on the road.