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“God loves you!” Ever wondered, how often we use this statement in our daily lives? It has become so generic that we use it so matter-of-factly, just like when we ask, ‘How are you?’ Do we really mean to ask how the person is really doing? What if every person I came across daily, after asking this question, starts to tell me everything that is happening in his/ her life? Do I really want to listen to everything they have to say? Honestly, do I really care? It is still alright if he tells me all the happy things that are going on, but what if he decides to pour out all his bad experiences, his grief and his frustrations? I guess most of us will not be ready to take all of that. At least, I would not be ready.

It is just the same when we say “God loves you”. Yes, we use it so often in our vocabulary that it has kind of lost its essence. Sometimes when I reflect on it, I ask myself if I really understand what this simple statement means. I mostly use this line when I am witnessing to someone. And I have always wondered why it does not prove to be as effective as I expected it to be. Maybe the person I’m talking to has heard it at least once before and it did not ring a bell back then as well.

I heard a preacher once say, ”Many times we fail to win at evangelism because we try sell a commodity called ’God’s Love’, which we ourselves have not understood or known enough.”

A lot, and we all know, a lot has been written, spoken and sung about love and it will be the case in the future as well. I happened to read someone’s attempt to explain, using examples, what love is. And it said, love is when a widow opened the drawer of her bedroom table after her husband’s funeral and found a letter along with some pills for cold and the letter said, “Take these honey, you get a cold soon when you cry” or Love is that grandpa now paints grandma’s toe nails, even though he has got arthritis in his fingers, because she has pain in her knees.

But what could have been on God’s mind when He said, I love you? I do not really know and I guess, I will never know because this small brain and insignificantly small life is not enough to comprehend His love towards me. But, I just want to share the little that I have learned from the word of God is and I know that this in no way will explain the fullness of His love but still…

  • Love is when an infinite God, the Alpha and Omega, had to walk this earth limited in a finite body bound by time for 33 years
  • Love is when He who fed 5000 people with few fish and bread and quenched the thirst of a nation from a rock; on the cross said, ”I thirst”
  • Love is when He looked at me and said, “Even the hair on your head is numbered”
  • Love is when a scared and distressed Son said to His father,”Not my will but yours be done”, and embraced death
  • Love is when Jesus could have called for legions of angels who could have pulled Him out of the death He was going to have to go through but did not, knowing that it was needed for me to live
  • Love is when God the Father turned His face away from His only Son dying in pain and misery, so that He could give me life instead
  • Love is that even though I err every day of my life and turn back to him for forgiveness, He says ”I remember, I remember your iniquities no more”
  • Love is everything He did for me on the cross

I know that this does not even begin to encompass the extent of His love for me, but a mortal like me cannot write much about an Immortal Love. This I am certain of that the next time I tell someone that God loves him or her, I’ll mean everything that is written above and more that God would teach me in days to come and I pray that you would do the same.

And if you have not known love, God’s Love, let me say this,”God loves you and Jesus died to show it, just so that you would know”