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I stepped out on to the water
With my head hung low
Because even though
It seemed where I had to be
I could not lift my head
To see The One who loves me
Eternally, calling out to me.

All I saw mirrored on the water
A tired and worn someone
Who once knew what it was
To be at peace, to be strong
Even before I had seen the waves
I saw the familiar reflection
Of broken dreams, shattered hope.

Snapped out of my trance
By the waves crashing in on me
I lost my footing on a liquid ground
And found myself drawn
To the deep unknown
Till I heard the voice
Of The One who loves me.

My hand held firm in His
Drawn out of a watery grave
I look up and into His eyes
An image of what He saw
Gave me strength to stand again
Glimpses of Himself in me
Untouched by the waves of the sea

It could be a while before
I look just like He does
But for now, this will do
To keep me afloat and going on
Reaching on to the other side
Every storm and wave I will face
Someday to be caught in His eternal embrace.